Ananda Elephant Sanctuary

Visit us and experience a special elephant encounter which is suitable for young and old, families, couples and single travelers. This is your chance to get a memorable impression of a day in the life of a lucky Sri Lankan captive elephant who is not being used for working nor riding.

We offer an exclusive experience. To keep a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for the elephant(s) and you, we limit the amount of visitors per day. For this reason you need to make a booking in advance.

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Our Adorable Elephant Manika

Almost all we do is centered around our adorable elephant Manika.

Manika is nearly 40 years old and used to work in the wood logging industry. She has been doing this hard work for over 30 years before we rescued her.

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Your Visit
  • Personalised guide for your whole tour
  • At least a 1 1/2 hour walk with Manika watching and observing her whilst learning about Sri Lankan elephants
  • Bathing the elephant in the river for about 1 hour, with only your group without other tourists
  • No tricks are being performed by our elephant
  • Authentic Sri Lankan cooking lesson
  • A second long walk on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • Meet the kids from the local school on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
  • Lunch and tea included
  • Whole experience last around 7-8 hours
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